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Diagnosis and Assessment

1. We will diagnose if your child is suffering from epilepsy, or if there are other problems leading to similar symptoms.

Epilepsy is due to abnormal electrical discharges from the brain cells that lead to paroxysmal brain dysfunction. In young children and adolescents, vasovagal attacks or breath-holding attacks are commonly misdiagnosed as epilepsy. Therefore, you should ask for advice from your doctor.

2. We will find out what type of epilepsy your child is suffering from and whether there are any underlying causes.

Types of epilepsy include generalized tonic clonic seizures, absence attacks, simple partial seizures, complex partial seizures, infantile spasms etc. Causes for seizure include genetic problems, brain damage (eg hypoxia, meningitis, encephalitis, etc), brain injury or metabolic diseases. In most cases, there is no identifiable cause ("idiopathic").


Different types of medication are used for different types of seizure. Therefore, parents should carefully observe the seizure and help your doctor in the diagnosis. Some children may need further investigations, such as blood test, electroencephalogram (EEG) or brain imaging.

Not all children with seizure require drug treatment. But most children who are diagnosed to have epilepsy will be treated by medication. Your doctor will assess your child's condition on an individual basis and choose the most appropriate medication. Factors under consideration include:

  • type of epilepsy
  • the child's condition
  • side effects of medication

Other treatment includes: epilepsy surgery, vasovagal stimulation, ketogenic diet etc.


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